Top 100 American Films

BBC Culture, with the help of 62 international film critics ranked the top 100 American films. Given that the US is a leading player in the film market and produces thousands of films every year, this must have been a very difficult task.

Each prompted critics have contributed to rank the 10 films that they feel on an emotional level is the best American films of all time. As you can see the list is dominated by classic and there are very few films from the 2010s that has come with. This absence is explained that it may take several years for a film to win the critics’ hearts when many critics prefer movies that have made a cultural impact and the quality of which is the passage of time.

Personally, I was surprised part whale. Many movies are missing and a lot of movies would never have been qualified on my own top 100 list, but it sure is interesting to scroll through the selection and pick up a few things tipps.